The future is now – and it’s mobile

Getting on board with what mobile technology has to offer is an absolute no-brainer. Consumers and businesses can now connect across the Internet like never before, at any time of night or day, and from almost anywhere on the planet.

Embrace mobile technology

The opportunities are endless for building a competitive advantage for your small business based around mobile technology.

Take advantage of the opportunities available to create and optimize your business’s content for mobile devices. The rewards can be numerous, including:

  • More people on your website – and more often. Consumers will be able to find out about your business’s offerings while they go about their daily routines.
  • Increased interest – in your content, your business and its products or services.
  • Improved sales – it’s likely that with more hits on your site you’ll generate more sales.
  • Potential to communicate regularly with your customers – the web doesn’t sleep so by developing a site that’s optimized for mobile, and hiring the right staff, you’ll be able to respond to queries, feedback and issues around the clock.

Every small business should consider embracing mobile technology. Its ability to attract new customers and to persuade your regulars that it’s time to make another purchase is a definite plus.

One example is a push notification – like when a restaurant or bar uses their app on their customers’ mobile devices to ‘push’ through some new information, such as a discount on drinks during certain days of the week.

Set up your mobile office

These days your smartphone can be set up to be your mobile office. You can use it to:

  • Stay organized – using apps such as Evernote Business. These organizational apps are helpful for note taking and uploading information to the cloud, while being synched to your staff members’ devices.
  • Manage projects – apps like Trello Business Class and Wrike let you break a project into tasks, assign tasks to other staff, and store all documents and conversations with the tasks so that you can find them easily. You won't have to reply to emails or update several different spreadsheets.
  • Communicate – whether by standard phone call, text, or online video calling like Skype for Business, there are plenty of options.
  • Track expenses – to save time, capture receipts and ensure your finances stay in order. Apps like Smart Receipts and Expensify allow you to achieve this.

Keep up-to-date with the best new business apps

Tablets and smartphones (along with satellite Wi-Fi) have enabled a mobile world where business can be conducted 24/7. Being aware of what new business apps are coming onto the market and whether they can be useful for your business is valuable.

The opportunities are limitless, but only if you or one of your staff regularly check out the best new business apps and test their usefulness.

Task a staff member with research duties

Think about giving a younger staff member a few hours each month to research and discover what new mobile trends are taking place. They could be tasked with hunting down a certain type of app each month that your business needs or wants to improve.

This will help you and your business become a leader as an early adopter of the best new mobile technology – rather than settling for being a follower.

Stay in control

It can be easy to find yourself in a situation where you’ve downloaded dozens of potentially useful business apps for your mobile devices, only to be overwhelmed with all the learning required.

There are a few self-imposed conditions you could put in place to minimize this problem. For instance, try:

  • Downloading only one app a week so you can take the time to practice using it.
  • Cleaning out any apps you don’t use regularly.
  • Backing up and updating the apps you can’t do without.

Make your business life easier

You might decide to use new mobile technology within your business to make your working life (and the jobs of your employees) easier and more efficient.

Break your workday tasks down to see how mobile technology could help you complete each task more efficiently. For example, if you’re frequently away from the office, an app like Dropbox Business lets you collaborate no matter where you are.

Mobile banking

Have a talk to your bank manager about what you want to be able to do in the mobile environment. For example, you may be aiming to:

  • Streamline your invoicing processes and encourage your customers to pay you electronically. Comerica Web Invoicing can help you achieve this.
  • Receive payments faster.
  • Pay bills quicker. Take a look at Comerica Web Pay Express to find out about making faster payments.

Take advantage of your bank’s online banking options to make running your business as easy as possible. See Comerica’s range of online services to find out how they can help you achieve these objectives.

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